Our Regionalisation Strategy

Guide to the formation of national Fragility Fracture Networks

In 2018, the Fragility Fracture Network (FFN) – in collaboration with 80 leading professional organisations for geriatric medicine, orthopaedics, osteoporosis, rehabilitation, rheumatology and nursing – launched a Global Call to Action (CtA). This defined four “pillars” that would bring about substantial improvements in the care of people who sustain fragility fractures:

1. Acute multidisciplinary care for people who suffer hip, clinical vertebral and other major fragility fractures.
2. Rehabilitation and ongoing post-acute care of people whose ability to function is impaired by hip and other major fragility fractures.
3. Rapid secondary prevention after first occurrence of all fragility fractures, including those in younger people as well as those in older persons, to prevent future fractures.
4. Formation of national alliances between relevant professional associations to persuade politicians and promote best practice among colleagues.

The actions needing to be performed by the multidisciplinary alliances were specified as:

• To speak with a unified voice to policy makers.
• To produce consensus guidelines setting clear standards for adequate care using the best available research evidence, and propose metrics to evaluate performance.
• To expand education programmes that can build the multidisciplinary workforce capable of delivering evidence-based best practice on a wide scale.

Download the Guide to the formation of national Fragility Fracture Networks