FFN Success Stories

FFN Success Stories

Do you have a story to tell?

To demonstrate how relevant the FFN is for clinicians, patients, and their caregivers at local and national levels, the communications team would like to include short articles on how health care organizations and clinicians around the world have used the FFN to support them in improving care for people in their organizations and communities.

We are keen for this to include stories about any part of the care continuum from prevention, pre-operative, surgery, to post-operative and rehabilitation. We are looking for examples of clinical operational change such as: new approaches, quality improvement initiatives, process changes, workforce development, education for any or all health professionals, caregivers, and stakeholders. We are particularly interested in hearing stories about how collaboration with FFN has helped you to improve care and we want to hear about how you did it.

No example is too small. If you have a story to tell, contact the FFN communications team by email at: ffncommunications@gmail.com and we will help you to develop your story for publication on the FFN web page and in future news items.