Education Committee

Education Committee


FFN is involved in many educational projects and these aspects can help in the regionalization process and in the diffusion of mission, vision and goals in emerging economies (i.e. South-East Asia, Africa, Latin America, etc.). FFN is trying to collaborate with different possible sponsors for the activation of different possible educational projects.

Activities and Output

In 2017, in the San Servolo Island, we brought together representatives of as many European countries as we could identify to an initial meeting, where they brainstormed on what was happening, what was needed to manage fragility fracture patients well-paying particular attention to the European differences.

We have now produced a book, which has been published in June 2018 as open access (thanks to an unconditional grant by UCB Pharma; The book is focused on education for nurses looking after fragility fracture patients in their everyday activity. The UCB grant supported the organization, during 2017/2018, of follow-on Nurse Educational courses in Bologna, Athens, Vilnius, Dublin, Berlin, Manchester and Istanbul.  One or two members of the Project Coordination Team have supervised the local project in order to assure the quality of the events (link to the website when available).

Fragility Fracture Nursing - Workshop

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As a part of an European initiative of the FFN-Network, Nurses and geriatricians developed a core curriculum during a two day meeting, aimed to improve the quality of care within orthogeriatric wards and rehabilitation wards. As a result of the meeting, the book “Fragility Fracture Nursing” was produced and published in July 2018.

At the EuGMS on 10 October 2018 in Berlin, we want to disseminate the content of the book within a workshop. Participants of the workshop will be learn aspects of the care of elderly people with fragility fractures and serving as Distributers on their wards. In addition, the workshop serves to build a network of nurses from orthogeriatric wards and rehabilitation wards in Germany.

With the rapid increase in old-age traumatology care structures, the core curriculum offers the opportunity to prepare the teams in the institutions professionally for the associated tasks and to train established teams.

Workshop language: German/Deutsch

If you are interested in attending the Nurse-satellite Conference Workshop, which will be held on 10 October 2018 from 09.00–17.15, please choose one of the following e-mail addresses to register:

Workshop Page:

Future plans

Our proposals are dedicated to different health care professionals involved in the management of fragility fractures. We list a series of initiatives already ongoing or in a planning phase.

  • Based on the European Nurse Education project, we have identified a curriculum of knowledge required by nurses in the field of osteoporosis and fragility fractures that can be exported outside Europe in 2019, thanks to an unconditional grant by UCB Pharma.
  • A mutual relationship seems to exist between patient’s psychological well-being and his/her caregiver’s burden. These findings highlight the importance of a bio-psychosocial approach to the patient/caregiver unit. Based on this, thanks to an unconditional grant by Amgen, we would also like to organize a caregiver education web-project in the English language, that caregivers could access for free in all the world. The future idea is to translate the course in as much as possible languages, in order to reach the biggest audience. The initial phase of the present project is dedicated to the English web-project.
  • We are also planning the organization of educational courses dedicated to physios based on the “San Servolo” format.
  • A further educational course dedicated to nurses and physios will provide all the necessary competencies to become a FLS coordinator.
  • In Italy we are already running courses dedicated to MDs who want to become a bone specialist or an orthogeriatrician. These two courses will be provided in English. The course on Orthogeriatric is based on the 14 chapters of the Springer book “Orthogeriatrics” (see attachment, and available at the following link:
  • We believe it would be useful to plan educational courses for MDs based on the management of osteoporosis and fragility fractures in the elderly.
  • We would also be happy to organize 1/2 days courses on multidisciplinary approach to fragility fractures dedicated to MDs and other health professionals.

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Coordination and WG Membership

Paolo Falaschi (Chair), David Marsh (Regionalisation Chair), Nicola Napoli (Bone Specialist), Julie Santy-Tomlinson & Karen Hertz (Nursing), Robyn Speerin (FLS), Monica Perracini & Cathie Sherrington (Physio), Stefano Eleuteri (Psychologist)