Presidents Letter 2018

Our Mission

Financial situation

Improvement of the FFN financial situation is crucial for the growth of the society. New ways of fundraising should be identified and pursued. FFN should become able not only to cover the costs of the Global Congress and ordinary admi- nistration expenses (AMC etc.), but also to support projects.

Special Interest Groups/Working Groups

We should incentivise the establishment of new SIGs and WGs, in order to provide growing space to the numerous im- portant professional competencies needed to carry on our dual mission to manage fragility fractures during the acute phase and prevent recurrences.

Hip Fracture Audit Database

It is a jewel of our society and we should do our best to implement and diffuse its use in more and more Countries.

Fracture Liaison Service

National and international guidelines as well as systematic reviews recommend the FLS service model to reliably close the gap between all fractured patients and those that are appropriately treated. However, despite the proven efficacy of this service, there remains a chronic insufficiency in the number of established FLS present in countries across the world. Our society should do its best to implement and diffuse its use in more and more countries.


FFN is in a crucial phase of its life. After an initial rapid growth within the European continent, we acquired the consci- ousness that, in order to achieve our vision, mission and goals, it is important now to increase our global reach, aiming to spread FFN ideas throughout the planet. As David Marsh rightly stated in his discussion paper for the Board of last year, “FFN’s global mission is most urgent in the emerging economies. People from there cannot afford to come to meetings in Europe. Therefore, we have to go to them and help them to set up organisations with the FFN goals and ethos that can hold meetings locally. This could also unlock funding from local sponsorship sources that would not be available to global FFN.”


The regionalisation process and FLS diffusion are closely linked to the educational need. The purpose of the educatio- nal proposal is to spread the word worldwide on the essential components of FFN vision, missions and goals that make a beneficial difference to the acute care of elderly fracture patients and to the secondary fracture prevention. The acti- vists in all countries can therefore plan how to develop the necessary competencies within the available resources and deliver the care that patients need. The strategy of increasing education should be extended to all professionals invol- ved in the fragility fracture management, such as nurses, FLS nurses, physios, and physicians. Caregivers are also im- portant, since recent evidences suggest that a mutual relationship exists between the patient’s psychological well-being and the caregiver’s burden.

Dear friends, I am now asking every single FFN member to give his/her personal contribution towards FFN’s Global mis- sion. I would like to remind you that I am always available to receive comments and proposals to develop.

I am honoured to be your President and I am convinced that working together we will be successful and that we will reach all our goals. I finally promise that I will do all my best to run my new office for the growth of our Society.

Warm regards,

Prof. Paolo Falaschi
President Fragility Fracture Network (FFN)