Process metrics

Process metrics

Key process metrics in the acute care of hip fracture patients include:

How many hip fracture patients are managed by the hospital/health system annually?

What proportion of hip fracture patients are aged 60 years and over?

What is the speciality of the doctor with overall responsibility for the admission of hip fracture patients to the hospital/health system?

What is the average (mean or median) time to surgery for hip fracture patients?

How is medical care provided to hip fracture patients? Specifically: What proportion of patients undergo a pre- and/or post-operative assessment of their medical needs by a physician (i.e. as distinct from a surgeon)?

What proportion of patients receive the following assessments before their final discharge from the hospital/health system: - Fracture risk, including osteoporosis? - Falls risk? - Cognitive function?

What is the length of stay for hip fracture patients (ideally, broken down into acute stay and subsequent stay in a rehabilitation ward or facility)?

What proportion of hip fracture patients return to their pre-fracture place of residence by 30 days?

What proportion of hip fracture patients die during their acute stay?

What proportion of hip fracture patients are readmitted to hospital within 30 days?