Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups

The FFN currently has 4 Special Interest Groups (SIG).

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Vertebral Fragility Fracture SIG

Draft terms of reference for the Vertebral Fragility Fracture (VFF) Special
Interest Group (SIG)

To assemble a multi-disciplinary international Special Interest Group, within the framework of the Fragility Fracture Network, to take a holistic approach to all aspects of diagnosis, management, rehabilitation and prevention for vertebral fragility fracture.

To oversee the development of an evidence-based model of care that would follow the clinical pathway/patient journey for all men and women with osteoporotic vertebral fragility fracture.

To participate in email exchanges and teleconference calls from time to time as needed to further the objectives.

To disseminate the information to our professional colleagues, patients, policy makers and the wider community.

If you would like to join the Vertebral Fragility Fracture Special Interest Group, please complete the application form and email it to FFN Central Office at ff-network@mci-group.com

Vertebral Fragility Fracture SIG Workshop at 4th FFN Congress Workshop, Rotterdam, September 2015

Please click here to download the report of the 4th September 2015 meeting of the Vertebral fracture SIG.

Associate Professor Manuela L Ferreira from Sydney has shared her presentation from the workshop.

Professor Lynette March has shared her presentation from the plenary session.